Our Journey

Thank you for your navigating your way to, and showing interest in – E = MC² – soon to be a leading healthy alternative within the energy-drink market space.

Our passionate founder, Mr Ögretic, has 40 years of experience in both restaurants and the corporate hospitality world, with his biggest interests being the infusion and experimentation of flavours; as well as innovating healthy alternatives to improve and help to maintain the health of his supporters.

At the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic, our founder fell victim to the virus himself. ‘As I reached out for my favorite energy drink, a eureka moment took hold of me.’ From this moment, Mr Ögretic was going to innovate a healthy, flavorful energy drink – thus, E=MC² was born. A product and company with the desire to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of its consumers. With the professionalism to enable huge growth potential – we want to reach an ever-growing client base so that our product can positively impact the health of people from every walk of life around the globe.

After extensive market research, a quest was underway to formulate the Immune Boost Recipe. Travelling across Europe to several laboratories, tweaking and product testing along the way; we have produced a unique, refreshingly smooth drink, this was achieved through diligent trails and the relentless determination of our founder.

Our health is our wealth and one of the most important aspects of all our lives, we believe that good health should be everyone’s priority, that’s why our product is botanical and will boost your health through naturally derived vitality.

E=MC² is fantastic alterative as none of the great taste has been sacrificed in the process of creating a healthy product, we want the public to think about energy drinks differently by making the transition from unhealthy to healthy drinks as smooth as our beverages.

Our end product is made from ‘Grade A’ ingredients, packed with essential vitamins ( A, B12, C, D, E & K) with added natural Caffeine for alertness and Matcha extracts which boost mental clarity, accompanied by Ginseng and Guarana, which help improve memory and focus, lastly but not least a touch of Safflower is included in our recipe, which helps to reduce Cholesterol.

If you have any enquires regarding our product or if you’re interested in working with us please reach out on info@fonsamorisbeverages.com and we look forward to hearing from you,

The Genius Team,